The Best Paint For Particle Board – Which One To Buy?

Best Paint For Particle Board

On those lousy weekends, we finally get the time, energy, and productivity to accomplish what we have been delaying for some time now. Of course, paint is on everyone’s bucket list for obvious reasons.

Painting walls can be very time-consuming, which is why in these times, people would paint the easier things that could also require a change of taste as well as providing you with the needed aesthetic and entertainment. The problem is how to paint particle boards perfectly, and to perfect every inch of a brush, we need to use the right paint.

I have tried a couple of many formulas and paints, but after long due experiences and a lot of practice, the list had to be narrowed down to the 5 most appropriate and unique options for painting particle board.

To ensure that your particle board paint is working well and good, here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • No cracking or flaking once you have drawn one coat of paint
  • Durability and how it reacts on different types of particle board
  • Maximum stain resistance
  • Paint including the highest quality pigments

This is what I have personally kept in mind whilst making this list, as well as speaking from first-hand experience; these are the 5 types of paint that are perfect and essential to paint on that cupboard or furniture made from particle board.

The Ultimate Guide to choosing the best Particle Board paint:

1. Country Chic Chalk Style Paint All-in-one decor paint

The country chic paint is as mobile as it goes seeing that it is the ultimate all-in-one decor.

Remember that painting particle board is not the easiest of all jobs since the material requires something bolder and more extravagant for the colour to stay firm and stuck.

This is precisely why country chic paint is one of the most excellent picks on this list, seeing that chalk paint is a wonderful option to paint those cupboards of yours.

The best about this is that the country chic paint can be utilized on any material, making it the most compatible paint ever.

Why I chose this product:

The all-in-one decor from the country chic paint made it to this list because its mobility and manufacturing are one of the most versatile picks available in the market or online that you can buy.

Secondly, particle board or wood requires bold paint, and this pick is the best in the business regarding smoothness and gratitude over two coatings.

Great consistency throughout the years:

In general, the product and the company have consistently managed to maintain their goodwill over a couple of years, forming themselves as one of the most prominent options for their customers to use, ensuring performance and quality.

The best part is that there is not much need to prepare beforehand over making the final paint, considering that the smoothness and quality are not exaggerated.

Unreal versatility:

One of the main reasons why country chic paint is so popular is because of the unreal versatility it offers.

For example, if you exclude particle boar, then in general, it could use over any type of furniture, wood, and walls.

Coming towards particle wood, in particular, is a standout because it generally works well over all sorts of particle boards, whether a single-layered sheet or Melamine board.

All in one available:

The product consists of all you need in a single bottle of paint, as it contains the primer already in its material and final product, as well as the top coat of paint to make sure that a single coat is enough to apply that cheeky smoothness.

A chalky and silky look overall:

The paint is built so that it does not take hours to dry and not more than just 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, you can witness the most durable, silky, smart, and desirable paint cover with a matte chalky finish over your particle board. If you demand more boldness, then you can use it as a second coat; however, there won’t be much need


  • It provides you with a personalized and clean and stunning finish
  • Versatile, it can use over a variety of particle board materials
  • It ends up giving a unique and matte-like finish to the particle wood
  • You do not precisely have to practice before starting to paint


  • More than two coatings of paint might prove to be damaging to your particle board, depending on the quality
  • Sometimes, the top coat might require additional wax
  • It can leave brush marks at times if the material being painted on is of low quality

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2. Krylon Chalkboard Black Paint

The Krylon Chalkboard paint is one of the unique board paints you can find anywhere due to its redeeming quality and providing aesthetic, making it one of the most durable and fanciest options for you to choose from.

I chose this paint because chalkboard paint works remarkably well on particle board as well, seeing that they are not much quite different; let us look into detail.

Why I made a list:

Choosing the Krylon Chalkboard paint was a no-brainer because of the awesomeness it applies to your material furniture. This product right here is the king of particle board paint.

Extremely durable:

The Krylon Chalkboard is immensely popularised, standard, and used because it is insanely durable.

To put that into perspective, I used this product over my kitchen walls and it stayed glancing and shining over the year with minimal scrapping and signs of distress.

As a matter of fact, with time, the nature of the paint solidifies and grows more concretely.

Perfect for particle board services:

If there is a term to define this product, it is to say that it is enhancing and workable when painting on particle board substances.

The Krylon Chalkboard paint was initially designed to stay mobile and durable over these surfaces giving your furniture the shine, brightness, and uniqueness it needs.

Smooth and bold:

It provides the most smooth, original, and bold end product when you are nearly done with your painting session.

Similar to the previous product displayed, this also requires minimal beforehand preparations, so you’re set to just start with your particle board painting sesh!


  • Perfect for painting particle board used as coverage.
  • Dry time is less, ranging from 30 minutes to 50.
  • It would ensure a durable and chalky end product.
  • It comes in spray paint as well.


  • Available in lesser colors, mainly 4.
  • The paint might be too bold sometimes, providing a darker look if the lighting is not correct.
  • With the spray paint, you will have to spray more than two coats for prominence.

3. Shabby Chic Chalked Craft Paint

As the name suggests, the shabby chic chalked furniture paint will make your particle paint look quite uniquely messy and exquisite due to the lovely coating final display it frames, enriching the particle board closets that are most dear to you

Why I chose this product:

My personal experience with this product was nothing short of just majestic due to the remarkable fact that I did not have to use much paint at all, and the surprising and high-quality stature of the color provided enough depth for my cupboard’s front to look all-new and shiny

The most aesthetic and exquisite look:

The one redeeming and unique quality of this paint is the fact that it was generally designed to create distressed and ornate style, flexing a class of its own that occurs to ooze great temperament, image, and satisfaction

A wide array of uses:

The best part of this product is that it works equally well on all materials. Perfect for your particle and chalkboard beds, closets, and cupboards, but it would also do a delicate and unique job on the doors.

It also has decent reviews suggesting that it does an excellent wall paint job.


Excellent quality if you are a friend of the environment. The product is non-toxic and eco-friendly, which is great not only for your satisfaction but because it will not damage the material of your particle.

Available in many colors:

The product is available in many distinctive pigments providing you with a wide array of choices to choose from


  • It applies a neat, matte, and chalky final touch.
  • Safe to use around children, so do its non-hazardous formulas.
  • Versatile and it can be used almost anywhere, including plastic and toys.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Fantastic coverage and 3 coats of paint ensure the perfect color.


  • While it may suggest the need for no primer and undercoat, you might want to do it for the best results.
  • Some color options can be slightly distorted compared to more prime colours like black and gold.

4. Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

The ultra matte rust-oleum is the ultimate formula that one requires for the most optimum and desirable paint for their particle board.

Available in more than 12 colours, this product is one of the most robust paints you can find on this list.

Why I chose this:

The quality of the colour is just enormously good, making it one of the strongest and most incredible products I have ever used. The perfect part is that it can be used on many surfaces, such as steel, given that it provides great volume.

Enormous coverage:

The product will provide the most exhaustive and decent coverage to your particle board project that you will hardly feel the need to dip your brush in the bucket many times, considering that it offers volume and strength

Hardly a need for a double coat:

The rust-oleum paint’s specialty is that it is so unique and covering in nature that even if you aim to form a bolder and matte look, there is not much need for a second coat as the first one will do the job quite right.

Excellent adhesion:

Due to the higher nature of volume, the paint would seem to form an excellent adhesion.


  • Rust-oleum paint works smoothly for hard bedroom furniture such as bed-sides, bookshelves, etc.
  • It offers excellent coverage and quick adhesion (With a single can of paint, you can cover multiple pieces of furniture painting).
  • It dries out within 30 minutes or even less.
  • This paint allows you to work for particle boards directly with minimum prep work.
  • This product is ideal for those who want to paint particle boards for the first time (as a beginner).
  • Suitable for repainting a large wooden interior bench.


  • It might not be the best choice if you want lighter paint.
  • The paint might scrape off a poor-quality particle board because of its thickness.

5. Rust-Oleum 302593 Ultra Matte Spray Paint

Like the paint, the rust oleum spray paint works similarly, only more mobile and available for a quicker and more dynamic array of use.

Why I chose this product:

Without a doubt, the most excellent spray paints are fantastic for all uses and genuinely perfect for particle board pieces that are not in for more excellent display, such as particle wood bed board.

Providing a lovely velvet finish:

An extravagant spray paint without a doubt seeing that it promises an ultra matte and velvet-like final look, which makes it seem like it’s brush coated rather than spray paint.

Oil-based formula:

The oil-based formula makes it seem like it is the silkiest and smoothest of all surfaces, framing a more hide-like look, making it perfect for lesser displaying needs.

Perfect for particle board sheets:

Particle board sheets are great for thermal expansions, dissections, separation, and so much more.

The naked brown natural color is too dull, so sometimes you need a quick timeless paint and the spray paint from rust-oleum works perfectly in that regard


  • Durable, mobile, neat, and smooth.
  • It makes regular particle boards look neater and fancy.
  • It provides a single-coat coverage for most surfaces, including wood furniture to particle board.
  • Ideal for covering a couple of boards of wood, a kitchen table, and small home decor.
  • You can use this for painting Christmas mason jars.


  • Its use is best limited to particle board or chalkboard sheets.
  • The fume of this spray paint is horrible (bad smell).
  • This is one of the more costly paints than the others.

Final opinion: (The best option)

In all honesty, there is not a definite perfect option because it depends on the type of particle board that you are painting or spraying on.

For general paint over particle items in collective, the  Country Chic Paint – In one decor paint.

(Simplicity [White], Quart (32 oz) might be the most versatile and useable of all paints, although each and everyone have its own sets of positives and qualities!

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