About Us

Hello everyone! Hope you are well. I’m Adam Larry, a pro woodworker, an expert project planner, and the owner of this website. From hand tools to power tools, I have extensive knowledge of all aspects of woodworking and take pride in creating beautiful and functional pieces for clients. I feel glad to share my woodworking experience with you with enormous excitement and enthusiasm.

Adam Larry


Since my journey started, I’ve done thorough research from a professional to a woodworking amateur with a growing practice. I’m happy to announce that my study could work as a rudder for your woodworking journey.

When I was a school-going young boy, I was first acquainted with the word woodworking. Once I was with my uncle in a small production house full of many woodworking tools.

My uncle warned me about the dangerous woodworking tools, for example, chain saws, hammers, sanders, and jointers. I was hooked in that house, surrounded by different heavy-duty tools.

Unfortunately, I lost my passion and enthusiasm when the program was closed by the school. However, I had decided that I would complete the program and learn the full details.

Fortunately, I had gotten the chance to disclose my creativity, which was pretty exciting and demanding. Yes, in the realm of woodworking, I had discovered myself in my own problem-solution matter. It was a surprising start of necessity.

Years ago, during my first marriage anniversary, my family suffered a severe water problem. Not getting any way intermittently, I started to solve the issue by myself. Firstly, I had to make a remodel plan and rip out some old wood boards. I was almost near to heart failure when I received the quote from the woodworking project director. Fortunately, I had discovered one of my fellows who had little idea about woodworking. Finally, we started fixing the problem by ourselves.

Trust me; I couldn’t believe myself because the final result was surprising and appealing. I had no idea that my plan would work drastically.

However, I got involved in woodworking and planned to take it as my profession. Next, I completed some small projects like fences, kitchen cabinets, chairs, drawers, etc. Very soon; my house turned into an experiment field.

Later, when my neighbors started to knock on me with their minor problems, I increased my opportunity to reveal myself. Gradually, within the next couple of years, my hobby work turned into my main income source and I became a thriving woodworker. Since that, I have never looked back.

Ohh!! So far, it has been a terrific start. Now I have decided to acquaint myself with a new chapter. You will feel fine whether you are an expert or a hobbyist. Welcome to my new journey, to my own workshop WoodLovins.com.

One of the reasons I launched this website was because when I started, there weren’t a lot of resources on the internet. I had to learn the hard way by trial and error, and sometimes I paid to volunteer at a few workshops. But now, you can learn almost everything for free.

One of the main reasons to launch this website was that I hadn’t got enough guides and help from the internet during my time. So this incident forced me to open a page where the curious mind will get reliable, verified, and accurate information.

My Mission:

When it comes to talking about listing a rewarding and relaxing job, woodworking remains on the row.

My aim is to provide a trusted and reliable source to those who want to take woodworking as a profession or hobby.

Also, it’s my mission and vision to help people achieve the ultimate result by sharing some advanced woodworking tricks.

My Vision about Content creation:

When it comes to content creation, my stand is clear and it’s to make a novice worker into a professional one. I believe when someone goes through my articles, he will start feeling something changes in his career. 

Consider this page as a woodworking institute. Here it is possible to learn lifetime mastery that will help you build your career with a handsome income.

Now I have an expert team of professional woodworking planners who share their effort to make this site even more practical and actual. We share anything on this page with our personal experiment results. As a long-time service provider, we are confident about what we are talking about.

My Product Review Process

My main motto is not to be biased with any products on this site. My problem is that without proper research by both professionals and users, I don’t feel comfortable recommending any item to my valuable customers. Why not share my experience and research about my findings vs. other models out on the market.

If it’s a product, I love to expand my knowledge by reading the top reviews of the users, which will help me make an ultimate decision.

You see here that the process is time-consuming to choose the products that work really best for the needs.

Is WoodLovins for everybody?

Ummmm….Yes, I designed this site for everyone. I have an effective content plan even for those who want to make fun of or earn; I know each side. This site could be your one-stop solution even for renovating real estate or home investment.

If you’re not willing to do some heavy lifting job yourself, you can give professionals a try.

Things I share here are helpful for both Hobbyist and pro:

  • Ways to do actual renovations of your hardwood floors, kitchen, and porch.
  • How you can select the suitable stains, paints, and seals for your projects
  • How you can do your large projects budget-friendly by applying woodworking tips
  • The best products and tools for different projects based on a ton of positive reviews
  • How you can utilize your resources the most if you can’t buy expert tools.

So you are ready to dive into the details from WoodLovins.com? Go through my page to get some key resources to make your project successful.